Karina Jett

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Karina Jett is a professional poker player living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Karina Jett was born Karina Mikelis in Vietnam. Karina Jett may be best known for her appearances on the GSN series Poker Royale Battle of the Sexes. Karina Jett also appeared in Late Night Poker's fourth season.

For Karina Jett, poker is all in the family. Her mother was a successful Seven-Card Stud player who taught her poker strategy, and her husband is fellow Full Tilt Poker pro Chip Jett. They have one daughter and one son.

The couple writes a column together for Card Player magazine, answering reader questions in an irreverent "he said/she said" format. When she's not playing in tournaments - or playing against her husband - you can find Karina online at Full Tilt Poker.

With lifetime tournament winnings of more than $129,000, Karina has booked fourth-place finishes in the 2003 WSOP $1K Ladies Hold 'em Stud tournament and the 2004 WSOP $1K Ladies Limit Hold 'em event. She also made the final table in Poker Royale: Battle of the Sexes, and took part in a history-making finish at The London Open when she and Chip became the first husband and wife to make the final table in a major tournament.

As of 2008, her total live tournament winnings exceed $150,000.

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